Water Billing

The City of Vallejo provides water service to residents and businesses. The Vallejo Water Department provides water service to 121,000 people through more than 38,000 service connections. The department's 95 employees work hard every day to ensure that these services are delivered with the highest levels of quality, reliability and customer service.

Our Customer Service Team is here to help answer your questions and resolve your inquiries. We're here to help you with billing, meter reading, and service issues.

For questions regarding your service, please call Customer Service at (707) 648-4345.

Starting Water Services
Vallejo residents can sign-up for water services by visiting the City of Vallejo Commercial Services Division located inside City Hall. 

Please note, you may need to submit copies of your rental agreement or ownership/escrow documents with your application for water service. 

You must request water service at least two (2) business days in advance of the day you request water service to begin. 

If same-day water service is needed, customers must notify the City before 5:00 p.m. and must pay an additional Water Turn On fee of $144.00. The fee must paid before 5:00 p.m. before same-day service can be provided.
Security Deposits
A deposit of $138 is required from all "single-family residents" who request water service. For commercial/multi-residential accounts deposit requirements, contact Customer Service for the amount. The deposit will be applied to the closing bill upon service discontinuation, and any remaining credit will be refunded. 

A new water billing account will be opened if you move to a new location in the Vallejo Water service area. A new deposit may be required to start services unless the applicant satisfies the City's exemption criteria. 

If you request water service at multiple locations, a deposit may be required for each location. 

Deposits will be due at the time services are activated.
Application to start water service
Payment + Fees

Customers' water bills for the prior month's use are mailed to Residential customers every two months and Commercial customers monthly. All bills are due upon receipt. 


Any charges not paid by the due date specified on the bill will be subject to a 10% penalty. An additional finance charge of 1.5% per month of the unpaid amount will be added for the continued delinquency. 


In addition, accounts more than 45 days delinquent may be processed for disconnection, and a $135.00 processing fee plus all balances owing will be required to maintain and/or restore service. 


There is a $25.00 charge for the first returned payment and a $35.00 charge for all additional returned payments. 


Only City personnel are authorized to disconnect or reconnect water service at the meter. Tampering or reconnection of the water meter by a customer will result in tampering and meter lock fees, and any damage caused by unauthorized tampering may be subject to other fees that will must be paid before water service is restored. 

Other Water Service Fees

Delinquent Shutoff Processing Fee $135.00

Meter lock fee $221.00 for 1st Occurrence

NSF check fee $25.00/35.00

Water Meter Test fee under 1 1/2 inch $216.00

Request same-day service after 3:00 p.m. $144.00

Illegal Turn on penalty $200.00

Water Division, Tampering, and/or Theft $200.00

Payment Options

US Mail - The most common way is to make your payment is by using the the envelope included with your bill to mail in your bill.

In Person - You are welcome to come to our counter on the first floor of City Hall and pay in person when City Hall is open. For your convenience, a night drop-off box is located outdoors on the east side of City Hall for after-hours payments.

AutoPay - The most convenient payment process for you may be the election of Autopay. This allows direct payment of your bill from your checking account to the City approximately one week before the bill due date. Print the Automatic Bill Payment Authorization Form and mail or bring the document and a void check to City Hall to start your direct payments.

Pay Online - You can also pay online or call Utility Services at 707-648-5400 and pay over the phone using a credit card or checking account (we accept MasterCard, and Visa).

Discontinue Water Services

It is a customer's responsibility to notify the City when they move or wish to make any changes to their water service account. The water meter will be read within one (1) business day of the requested closing date or receipt of the request, whichever is later. The closing date and the closing bill will be prorated for the prior month's service. 

Requests to discontinue utility services should be made in person to the Commercial Services Division at (707) 648-4345.

Stop Service Request Form

Water Rate Assistance Program (WRAP)

The City of Vallejo offers a Water Rate Assistance Program (WRAP). If you are an income-eligible customer, you can get a monthly credit on your water bill, subject to available program funding. Your total annual savings can add up to $60 a year depending on the services you receive. Learn more and apply today, visit www.myvallejo.com/wrap

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