College Bound Vallejo


Project Allocation: $ 320,000 Amount Expended: 100%
REALLOCATED ($152,000)
Votes: 1,101 Voting finish among 12 projects approved: #6
Project Description:
Provide college scholarships to Vallejo youth and support and enrichment to students entering college.

Implementing Entities:
PB Staff, City Manager's Office, City of Vallejo
Vallejo City Unified School District
Willie B. Adkins Project, a project of VCUSD

College Bound Vallejo provides students attending a college within 75 miles of Vallejo with financial support to pursue higher education and reach their academic and career goals. As part of the criteria to receive scholarship funds, recipients will perform more than 9,000 hours of community service in Vallejo. The service requirement provides a public benefit and aims to foster a desire to improve Vallejo and a sense of duty to improve one's community.

Update: A total of 66 college freshmen and sophomores were awarded scholarships in 2014, with each required to serve 150 hours of community service in Vallejo. The scholarships would be disbursed evenly over 4 semesters.

However, not all students completed the necessary community service hours, submitted paperwork, or otherwise applied for the scholarship disbursement.

Fall Semester 2014 - 52 of 66 students received disbursement
Spring Semester 2015 - 43 of 66 students received disbursement
Fall Semester 2015 - 23 of 58 students students received disbursement
Spring Semester 2016 - 12 of 58 students received disbursement

The program ended on February 29, 2016. A total of $152,000 in unused funding was reallocated by City Council to help fund a Cycle 4 of PB.

College Bound College Bound Project Proposal College Students

Signed Contract with VCUSD
Resolution No. 13-120 N.C.
Original Project Proposal

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