FSS Enrollment Procedures

Current HCV participants interested in participating in the FSS Program will complete the FSS Interest Form. When a sufficient number of interested participants exists, the family will be invited to attend a FSS orientation. Applicants must attend the mandatory orientation meeting to receive further consideration for the program.

The orientation is an informational briefing that will explain the benefits and requirements of the FSS program. The orientation will include, but is not limited to:

  • The needs assessment process;
  • Explanation of the program requirement that the Head of Household must seek and maintain employment;
  • Explanation of suitable employment;
  • HUD welfare requirements;
  • How support services will be accessed;
  • Reporting responsibilities of the participating family;
  • The Contract of Participation and what it means
  • HCV program requirements and family obligations
  • Homeownership program
  • The 5 to 7 year length of participation;
  • Escrow account (including possible forfeiture)
  • Possible termination of support services and the FSS program

Families who attend the orientation will receive a FSS application and assessment form to be completed if they are still interested in the program. A completed application and assessment constitutes notification to the HA of the applicant's interest to enroll in the FSS Program. Forms returned by applicants will be date and time stamped and the applicant will be placed on the FSS Waiting List in the order of receipt. Applicants will be notified in writing of their waiting list status.

As FSS participation turnover occurs, applicants will be pulled from the waiting list and scheduled for an intake interview with the FSS Coordinator. The FSS Coordinator will conduct a needs assessment and work with the applicant on identifying goals and developing an Individual Training and Service Plan (ITSP). This process may require the applicant to attend more than one meeting with the FSS Coordinator.

Based upon the intake interview, application and needs assessment process, the FSS Coordinator will determine whether the family is eligible and sufficiently motivated to participate in the FSS Program. Admission into the program is at the discretion of the HA staff. Applicants who are admitted to the Program will complete the ITSP and sign a Contract of Participation (COP) with the HA.

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