Building Permit Process

The informational materials and building division form and links listed below are intended to aid you in the building permit process. To ensure you have the correct information and required forms, always download them prior to beginning the permitting process as they are updated frequently. Please note that while every attempt has been made to ensure these documents are complete and accurate as possible, they may not contain every requirement specific to your project or business. Any error or omission should not be considered as permission to violate any specific provision of the California Building Standards Code (CBC), or any other legally enforceable regulation.

Permit Application Submittal
At this stage, you will complete the permit application and pay plan check fees. Plans, specifications, details, Title-24 energy calculations, and engineering calculations are submitted along with any other documents required to indicate with clarity the extent of the proposed work. If you live in a development regulated by a homeowner's association, you will need to submit plans that have been approved by your homeowner's association.

Plan Review Process
The Building and Planning Divisions will review the plans and determine if your project is in compliance with State and local requirements. Many simple projects can be reviewed at the counter during your visit, while other projects may require up to three weeks to complete the review. If your plans meet these requirements, a permit is issued. If code compliance issues are found, you will be provided with a correction list. The 2013 California Building Code Standards requires that all projects, whether prepared and submitted by a property owner or by a design professional be reviewed by the Building Division for compliance with codes in effect.

Inspection Process
You will need to request on-site inspections at various stages of the construction process to make certain the work conforms to the building standards codes. It is important not to cover your work until it has been inspected by the Building Inspector. Inspection approvals will be recorded by the Building Inspector on the inspection job card. It is also important to have the APPROVE plans and the inspection job card available for the Building Inspector when they arrive on the job site.

* Inspection Process Matrix

You may schedule your inspection by:

  • Using our online eTRAKiT program, or
  • By using our IVR phone system at (707) 648-4384
  • By phone at (707) 648-4374

(Be prepared to provide your Permit Number and your Inspection Code)

Final Approval
The Building Division will provide final approval when construction is complete and code compliance is verified.

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