Barge Access

Barge access via the Napa River comes through the Mare Island Causeway Bridge located in the center of the Causeway, crossing the Mare Island Strait at mile 2.8, Vallejo. The Bridge is 165 feet long and 48.5 feet wide. It provides crossing for vehicular, pedestrian and rail traffic.

  • Minimum Clearance (Span down) 12.4 feet (based on High High Mean Water)
  • Maximum Clearance (fully raised) 99.7 Feet (based upon High High Mean Water, 87.3 feet maximum lift height plus 12.4 feet distance to water)

Mare Island Causeway Bridge 

Hours of Operation

The Mare Island Causeway Bridge is staffed with an on-duty Bridge Operator who will open the bridge on signal between the hours of 9:00 A. M. and 7:00 P. M., seven days/week, including Holidays. The bridge is unmanned during the hours of 7:00 P. M and 9:00 A. M. but can be opened by calling (707) 648-4313. Two (2) hours advanced notice is required during this after-hours time period.
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