Court Liason

The City of Vallejo Police Department’s Court Liaison staff welcome your involvement and understanding in our court system. Gathered here is some information regarding court documents, court procedures and the court system of Solano County, which will help our citizens better understand how our justice system works.

Court Liaison Unit

  • Robert W. Nichelini, Chief of Police 
  • Sgt. Robert Lee, Court Liaison Office 

In the everyday functions of the Vallejo Police Department unit, we provide the District Attorney's Office with crime reports so they may prosecute the criminals of our city that have been apprehended. From these crime reports, the District Attorney issues subpoenas to the court. We serve these subpoenas to the citizens of our city and to our police officers. When served a subpoena, your role as a victim or witness to a crime has taken its first step toward the administration of justice. 

As a victim or witness to a crime, your assistance is vital to the criminal justice system. The following information will explain what happens in bringing your case to trial. This information is provided by the Vallejo Police Department's Court Liaison Unit so that you might more clearly understand your role in the justice system. 

Witnesses participate in one of the most important roles in the administrations of justice. In many cases, it is only with the cooperation of individuals who serve in the criminal witness capacity that the truth is discovered and the guilt or innocence of the accused is determined. 

We realize that being a victim of, or a witness to, a crime can be traumatic. We are here to provide questions and answers that are intended to help you be an effective, well-informed witness, to better understand what is required of you, and to explain the importance of your participation.

Thank you for your interest and cooperation. Your involvement is critical to our goal of seeking justice, successfully prosecuting offenders, and protecting our community.