Conservation Rebate Programs

Every Drop Counts


In partnership with the Solano County Water Agency (SCWA), the City of Vallejo  offers its water customers  a variety of money saving cash rebates!

By clicking on the link below you will be directed to the SCWA website where you can gather detailed information on all our water conservation rebates.  If you would like to talk directly to a representative from the Vallejo Water Conservation Office, please call us at 707-648-5299.   

Click HERE for water rebate information displayed on SCWA's website. 

 Rebate Title

Program Dates

Cash Amount

Available To

Pool Covers

Hot Water Recirculation Components

Laundry-to-Landscape Components

Rain Barrels & Rain Sensors


On-going.  No ending date

$50 Each




Smart Irrigation Controller
                        Irrigation Timer

On-going. No ending date

 $300 for 4 - 12 station timers

$700 for 13 - 24 stations timers

$1,000 for 25 or more

Residential & Commercial Customers

For application and guidelines click on the link above

High Efficiency Washing Machine
                        HE Washing Machine

Program extended indefinitely

Up to $100 depending on model of washer

Click Here for Details

Water Efficient Landscape
(Turf Removal Program)

Due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, new applications for this program may be curtailed at any time.  Call us at 707-999-6095 for more information.  

Solano County Turf Removal: Read the program terms and conditions and call for a pre-inspection


Up to $1,000 from Vallejo Water

Call 707-999-6095 to schedule an appointment.


Residential Customers


Retrofit Kits

Indoor Outdoor Kits
   Free retrofit kits
 Residential Customers

For information on the kits, call us directly at 707-648-5299  

Got Questions? - Call the City Water Department Conservation Section at (707) 648-5299