About the Police Department

About the Police Department

As an integral part of the community we are committed to providing a highly professional, ethical and quality Police service. The proud men and women of the Department are dedicated to maintaining law and order by proactively addressing crime, protecting welfare, property, and the rights of all people. In partnership with the community, community groups and other city departments we continually endeavor to improve our service making Vallejo is a safe place to live, work and visit. We invite you to help us in our mission by supporting your local neighborhood watch and by reporting anything unusual or suspicious you see in your area to the Police immediately.


Mission Statement:

To provide professional law enforcement service that enhance, protect, and promote the quality of life for persons residing, visiting, or doing business in the City of Vallejo.

Core values:



The City of Vallejo Police Department will conduct itself consistent with our professional and ethical standards of leadership, communication and responsibility. We will adhere to our mission statement and core values and will be accountable for ourselves and our actions and will at all times treat others with honor, respect and compassion. 


We are a responsive, empowered, professional organization with clear priorities. We will uphold our professional reputation with well managed resources and at all times conduct ourselves in a manner that gains the respect and trust of those we serve. We will deliver police services that satisfy customer needs; develop, empower, and sustain a highly professional workforce; employ management systems that improve organizational effectiveness; promote awareness and understanding between the Police Department and its customers, and foster a quality culture throughout the organization.


We have pride and belief in ourselves, our service and in the effective performance of our duties.

We are a premier law enforcement agency that is second to none, championed by our customers and benchmarked by our counterparts. We are a high performance team, focused, flexible, empowered and highly responsive to new challenges.