Lighting Improvement Project

 Updated: April 3, 2014 

 Light Up Vallejo! A Lighting Improvement Project

Project Allocation: $ 170,000
Votes: 1,619   Voting finish among 12 projects approved: #2
Project Description:
Install tree lighting in the downtown; convert street lights from high pressure sodium (HPS) to LED; install new street lights to enhance public safety.

Implementing Entity:
Public Works Department, City of Vallejo

This project aims to increase public safety (including pedestrian safety) and improve Vallejo’s image by increasing nighttime visibility.  The downtown lights provide an aesthetic boost.  LED light emit stronger light and provide energy savings of up to 50%, providing benefit to both residents and the City.  Installing street lights where none exist also deters criminal activity.

To report a street light in need of maintenance, visit SeeClickFix.

Project Updates:  All funds will be expended within the 2013/14 Fiscal Year, which ends on June 30, 2014. 
100 HPS lights on Mare Island Way (from Hichborn Street to Florida Street) are replaced by LED.
2/20/2014   105 HPS lights on Wilson Avenue (from Lighthouse Drive to Hichborn Street) are replaced by LED.  Ten HPS lights on Lofus Place (from Tuolomne Street and Pepper Drive) were replaced by LED.
12/20/2013 Tree lights are installed in four blocks of Georgia Street in downtown (200-500 block).  Four new street lights and poles are installed on Chase Street (and PG&E completed the hook up in February).  Twelve HPS lights on Enterprise Street are replaced by LED.  This installation also paved the way for the installation of public safety cameras (not funded through PB).  Three HPS lights on the Webb Street Bridge are converted to LED.
7/9/2013 The City Council adopts Resolution 13-095 N.C., redistributing $170,000 from the General Fund to implement the project.

 Resolution No. 13-095 N.C.
 Original Project Proposal